What's the Point?

Be Like The Early Church

Christianity is not a modern man-made “organized religion”, but one that is organic, community oriented and has historical roots going back to the very beginning of the church. North Point Christian Church’s aim is to go back into the New Testament of the Bible to see what the church Jesus established was like. It is our desire to translate what was important to the early church to what is important at North Point Christian Church.

Reach Out To Everyone

North Point is open to anyone, of any age, race, or background, who is seeking to know Christ. Whether you are a long time Christian, someone searching, a skeptic, or have made your share of mistakes, you will be warmly welcomed at North Point. Like the early followers of Christ, we are imperfect people who have made our share of mistakes, but have faith that Jesus can change us. Due to the nature of our worship approach and philosophy of ministry, it will probably be very attractive to a generation that has not been exposed to organized church or had a bad experience with “organized” religion. A very high value to North Point is honoring the older generations, whom we view as mentors to the younger generation.

Be a Family-Based Church

We are passionate about our children’s and youth ministries and constantly seek the most effective ways to minister to the younger generation. We also strive to creatively think through ways in which families can worship Christ together at the various gatherings and planned events.

Be Creative

We see beauty and the arts, not as a program of the church, but something that is ingrained in who we are. We are passionate about expressing our faith in Jesus Christ and communicating His Word through creative means. Art, music, poetry, photography, and acting are all encouraged in the church’s worship expression.

Change the Mindset from “Going to Church”
to “Being The Church”

You won’t find in the New Testament the followers of Jesus “going to church.” What you do read is that the church (the people) gathered together. We believe that a church is not a place that people “go to” but “a gathering” of people on a mission for Jesus Christ. Everything we are as a church comes together at our weekend worship experience but at North Point we are living as the church all week long
(1 Corinthians 12)

Be Missional

Being “missional” simply means being outward and others focused, with the goal of expressing and sharing the love of Jesus. We believe that the church was not created for itself, but was created to worship Jesus Christ and to spread His love to others. Jesus’ desire for us to follow Him and “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20) is not exclusive to overseas missions alone (which we wholeheartedly support) but is foremost to be lived out in our own communities, families, and day to day lives (Colossians 4:5-6). North Point has hearts that break for those who have not yet experienced the over and grace of God and the joy of knowing and ‘following Christ (2 Peter 3:9). We want to see people and love people as Jesus did (Matthew 9:35-38). North Point does not measure success by attendance, professionalism or production, but instead measures our success based on how we are constantly seeking to increase our love for God and people (Matthew 22:37-39).

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